5. Ins and outs

Importing, electronic filing, and calendar subscriptions

This Week

This week we received the credentials for testing our electronic filing with ESC Corporate Services for Ontario filings and the Corporations Canada, which joins Carswell Legal Solutions (formerly Cyberbahn) for Ontario filing and British Columbia Corporate Online. We are setting out plans for electronic filing of incorporations by the end of the month.

Next Week

We have come a long way with importing documents, including Microsoft Word (both the new and the old), Corel Wordperfect, DoProcess FastCompany, as well as other Conductor data.

As Conductor is efficiency driven, getting old data into a structured system is of the utmost importance.

Featured Feature:

Calendar - Subscribing

You can see upcoming dates for data you are following in your calendar. From the portal page, click My Settings

Then scroll down to the Calendar and click the link.

Select the calendar of your choice - such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple Calendar- from the option pop-up.

A couple notes:

Something Interesting: Testing Software

The idea of testing has been around for a long time. In the early days of computing the idea of testing was largely relegated to the human side, for the basic economic reason that computing time was relatively expensive and software was relatively simple. Nowadays testing is generally automated, since computation is nearly free, complexity is high, and developers are expensive.

“Test all things; hold fast what is good.” — Thessalonians 5:21 New King James Version

Software development is a balance of complexity with compartmentalization for human comprehension. Automated testing is an integral part of wrangling that lesson. The complexity comes not only from the possible arrangements of information but the temporal ordering in which those arrangements are created. The latter problem is much more prominent in the Internet domain, where much of the work is done asynchronously, with communication between servers and web happening over the Internet.

Building Conductor has occurred concurrently with building a large test suite. We have over three thousand tests, comprising tens of thousands of assertions. Every time we make a change these tests assure us that we are not regressing.

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