Conductor is an online service for managing corporations and other entities, creating documents, and integrating with other services such as online filing.

Focus on Law

Enjoy 24/7 secure cloud-based access from anywhere, anytime with any modern browser. Conductor is built on a Google-scale platform with safe, hyper-fast access and industry-leading reliability. No desktop limitations, no in-house servers, no software licensing, no hardware failures, no security updates, and no networking infrastructure. Unrestricted access on any device, anywhere, anytime.

60 Second Minutes … and more

Conductor makes creating your legal documents faster, whether annual reports and initial organizational set-up, just for starters. Expedite and simplify the production of billable results and augment the human part of your legal practice by reducing errors, increasing consistency, and streamlining the delivery of legal work.


And here are the sample minutes of this fictitious company.

Information Management

A cutting edge user interface with virtually unlimited storage makes it painless to enter and retrieve client information quickly and reliably. Upload all your client files to a secure online data storage facility in Canada (elsewhere soon).

Conductor tracks the who, what, and when of every change, so you have a complete history of all the information entered. Compare and revert back to old versions, and quickly and selectively copy information between related corporations.

Complete & Easy Precedent Management

Conductor’s precedent management system offers the most advanced knowledge retention and document creation platform, enabling instant access to all existing data on any device, anywhere, anytime. Create, track, and quickly use “packages” of documents, “snippets” of text, and suggestions automatically generated by Conductor.

Leave the Right Impression

Conductor’s impressive document quality is built on time-tested professional aesthetics developed over centuries of collective typographic principles. The result ensures the highest standard of legibility.

Technological Masterpiece

Conductor is a masterpiece of unparalleled technological engineering, which employs a dozen programming languages many of which Conductor has pioneered. Simply put, it means ease of use with superior capability complete with built-in chat support and bug reports that are automatically submitted and immediately resolved. For a complete list of Conductor’s cutting-edge features and benefits call or connect with us directly.

Grounded in Experience

Canadian and New York lawyer and master developer, Brian Hunt combined his specialties in law and network cybersecurity and cryptography and developed Conductor in order to save time, reduce errors and eradicate the pain of inefficiencies that traditional document creation inflicts. Now it is available to any practicing lawyer. Streamline your practice and gain back valuable time.

Other Features

Access information Search and categorize information for quick and easy access

Wield information Create complex compilations of documents and perform other services, including a built-in reminder system

Community Based Communicate using our forums with other lawyers about the content and form of the work produced in Conductor.

Auto-saving Changes save automatically every few seconds.

Terms of Usage

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